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Just some tips from me!

oh shit…

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yenta story

My Grandma is a darling troublemaker.image





Now You Know more about Ben & Jerry’s! (Source)

So that’s why it’s so expensive…

wow pretty awesome!

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havent done any fanart in a while - the two best chars everrrrrrrrrr!!!

One of the best Storm panels, y/y?

love 80s storm


One of the best Storm panels, y/y?

love 80s storm

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An oldy but a goody.

If you haven’t seen this before then it’s a ‘must watch’.

It is so vitally important that we see through and reject the never-ending diet of unrealistic bullshit that we’re fed by the media.


The City of Fire- The Jade Parade

Detail Shots

1st shot is a caricature of Darrow. 2nd shot is Darrow’s character Bourbon Thret.

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Another drawing of my favorite model Arthur! (at Conrad&#8217;s Restaurant)

Politic Ditto: 75 more days (give or take) until


my son is born. Man, these nine months have been flying. I know this is going to be the most challenging but rewarding experience I will have in life. No amount of books, advice, classes etc. can really prepare you.

The experience thus far has changed me. Things that used to be (seem) like a big…