Howdy! This is the graphic journal of Mike Lozano. I'm an artist and designer living in Los Angeles <3


Some of you may have heard that I was in a pretty bad motorcycle accident last week. I got banged up pretty bad, but miraculously my right arm (which is the one I use to draw) came out with only some cuts and bruises.

I’ve had some reconstructive surgery done to my leg, and I’ve got another one scheduled for my left hand tomorrow. My recovery time is supposed to  be 6 months or so, but I’ve been up on crutches and even felt well enough to make this little comic.

Thanks  to all the people who have reached out with their thoughts and prayers. It has helped immensely in my recovery. Many of you know that I am also a man of faith, and I am convinced that God spared my drawing hand (as well as any head, neck, or back injuries). I’m going to do my best to make the most of what I’ve been given—I’ll be back with the funny soon!

Till then, be good!

anthony holden is amazing and I’m thankful he survived. motorcycles…

thinking about my accident and hearing of other awful things like this I feel like there should be much better moto education at the dmv. there were so many things that i wasnt aware of when i started riding and a few of them might have actually convinced the 25 yrs idealistic me to just buy a prius or look into biodiesel/solar transport.

don’t ride motorcycles yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you have any friends and family or someone that cares about you don’t fucking do it!!!!


hey gais opened up a small shop in case anyone wanted any of my sketchbooks. They are 6 by 6 inches full color… around 40 something pages and hand bound and made by me!


Just some tips from me!

oh shit…

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yenta story

My Grandma is a darling troublemaker.image





Now You Know more about Ben & Jerry’s! (Source)

So that’s why it’s so expensive…

wow pretty awesome!

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havent done any fanart in a while - the two best chars everrrrrrrrrr!!!

One of the best Storm panels, y/y?

love 80s storm


One of the best Storm panels, y/y?

love 80s storm

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An oldy but a goody.

If you haven’t seen this before then it’s a ‘must watch’.

It is so vitally important that we see through and reject the never-ending diet of unrealistic bullshit that we’re fed by the media.


The City of Fire- The Jade Parade

Detail Shots

1st shot is a caricature of Darrow. 2nd shot is Darrow’s character Bourbon Thret.

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Another drawing of my favorite model Arthur! (at Conrad&#8217;s Restaurant)